Website Analytics Services

How much do you know about your website visitors? Google Web Analytics is a comprehensive web analytics tool provided by Google, and it can tell you not only how many visitors you're getting, but where they're coming from, what pages they're reading and how much business they're generating for you.

Our range of web analytics service includes:

  • Installation - Full implementation of Google Analytics tracking code on your website.
  • Customization - Are you tracking multiple sites or sub-domains? We can customize Google Analytics to give you tracking across all of your online sites, including third party booking engines or e-commerce systems.
  • Goal Configuration - We will identify and configure the principal goals for your website to effectively measure key events such as sales, lead generation, internal search results, brand awareness, search engine optimization (SEO) effectiveness and more.
  • Reporting - Do you want to know what's happening on your site each week or month? Our reporting services will hep you stay on top of your website activity. You'll receive a custom report that shows exactly what you need to know.