Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing, or cost-per-click (CPC) marketing, is used to gain immediate online exposure and drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

InVancouver's PPC marketing services include:

  • Keyword research - Determine keywords based on search volume, competitiveness and relevance to your business and products or services.
  • Competitive analysis - Examine how your competitors rank and what strategies they use for paid marketing.
  • Targeting - Determine your target geographic and demographic audience

Why Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC marketing is a great advertising tool for those looking to:

  • Instantly increase presence on search engines
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Raise awareness about new products and services
  • Strengthen your company's branding
  • Get the most return from your advertising budget

PPC Platforms

We currently offer PPC marketing services on the following platforms:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Microsoft adCenter

Google Adwords

AdWords enables you to create online advertisements and show them on Google and across a huge network of partner websites. Advertising with AdWords allows you to reach new customers at the precise moment when they are searching for your type of products and services. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you control how much is spent on each click, your daily budget, and where your ads appear. 

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has more than 845 million active users as of February 2012. Reach potential customers and grow your fan base with highly targeted Facebook ads. Ads are targeted specifically to your market using demographics like age, gender, geographic location, education level and interests. 

Microsoft adCenter

For even more exposure online, advertise with Microsoft's adCenter. Like Google AdWords, but for Bing and Yahoo customers.Microsoft's adCenter helps you reach out to the 30% pf searchers that don't search with Google.