Email Marketing Services

Stay connected and generate business by sending:

  • Newsletters
  • Sales or Promotions
  • Announcements
  • Invitations, etc.

The Email Marketing and Newsletter System provides the ability to send broadcast emails and Newsletters to registered people from your email database. There is an online form for people to register through your website and there is an administrative interface so that you can add entries directly to the email database. The email marketing system can be easily used from home, at the office, or anywhere with an internet connection. Emails or Newsletters are sent utilizing custom-built professional email templates that look exactly like your website pages for branding purposes.

Have you ever received a professional looking email or Newsletter from one of your favorite stores or businesses and wonder how they do it?

You too can create professional looking emails and Newsletters quickly and easily with our Email Marketing Database System.

Benefits of Our Email Marketing Platform:

  • Manage your contacts in an easy to use database
  • Check Spelling
  • Create Multiple users
  • Personalize your message (mail merge)
  • Add Photos
  • Create categories and email  specific groups
  • Add attachments to your message
  • Send immediately or schedule for a later  date

You can send out hundreds of emails, without tying up your internet connection, manage your bouncebacks, and more.

The email marketing system will not send the same email to a duplicate email address.

Additional Email Marketing Services:

  • Program a sign up form on the home page of your website
  • Create a customized email template to match your website
  • Provide training and support