• Enterprise Class Email

    Email is one of the most important business communication tools. With email, contacts, calendar and document sharing all in one place -- where ever you are. Zimbra Collaboration Server is an enterprise-class open source email, calendar and collaboration server. With the most innovative web application available today, Zimbra boosts the productivity of users on any desktop and dramatically reduces TCO compared to legacy platform vendors.

    Other key advantages include advanced compatibility with existing desktop email clients, over-the-air sync to smartphones (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) as well as better server scalability and more efficient administration.

  • Features

    Rich Email
    Tagging, Conversation Views and Fast Search make email manageable again.
    Contact Management
    Personal and global address lists that can be shared across the entire organization.
    Group Calendars
    Personal and group calendars with global free-busy times and Microsoft Exchange interoperability.
    Sharing & Document Management
    Easily share files and folders throughout the organization and manage workflow in email.
    Over-the-air sync to iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, any mobile web browser.
    Desktop Sync
    Use any email client like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird or maximize productivity with Zimbra Desktop.
    Powerful Administration
    AJAX web interface and command line tools for user and server administration plus delegated access.
  • Benefits

    Freedom of Client Choice
    Browser - Zimbra Ajax client
    PC Client - Outlook (Online, Offline, Cached Mode), Apple Mail and iCal, Eudora, Evolution, Thunderbird/Sunbird, RSS, etc.
    Mobile - Wireless devices "over the air" synchronization: Blackberry (via partner solutions), Palm, Nokia, Motorola, Good, PocketPC, etc.
    Self-Organizing Mailboxes
    Powerful, fast search (including messages and attachments)
    Saved searches across folders
    Conversation views across folders
    Comprehensive Calendaring
    Group scheduling with free/busy management and controls
    Multiple calendars per user
    Calendar delegation and sharing
    Multi-calendar views
    Subscribe to external calendars in .ics format
    Extensible model for linking message content to external web services and applications (expressable via hover-over and/or click)
    Intranet - ERP, CRM, Support, Finance, HR, VoIP phone, etc.
    Internet – Google/Yahoo Maps, Skype, Travel, Package Tracking, etc.
    Efficient context switching
    Quickly view/create calendar appointments while in mail
    Quickly create/edit contacts while in mail
    Quickly view sender’s website while in mail
    Any Place, Any Machine
    Rich, zero footprint, AJAX-based end-user interface (cross browser/OS)
    Security sans VPN
    Secure, read-only access to attachments without special-purpose client software
    Modern collaboration styles/formats RSS/ATOM feeds Tags